Why Use A Personal Trainer?

If you are struggling to meet your fitness goals or have been unable to stick with a fitness routine, the certified personal trainers at Peak Physique can help.

Working with a trainer offers a number of benefits including:


Were expecting you! Training appointments are scheduled (and pre-paid). All you have to do is show up well make sure you get a great work out.


On those days you just don't feel like working out, count on your personal trainer to provide the motivation and keep you on track.


With a program designed to meet your goals, a trainer is your coach and guide, making sure you keep your eyes on the ball.

Correct Technique and Intensity

Most people who work out on their own dont work out effectively or with enough intensity. Your trainer will ensure you get the results you want.


By keeping your workouts varied and fun, trainers help you to avoid boredom and fitness plateaus.

Why Peak Physique?

Experienced and Qualified

We've trained over 1000 clients with unique goals and medical conditions. Our trainers are all certified personal trainers who participate in extensive on-going continuing education. We have a diverse clientele and understand the fitness needs of baby boomer and elderly clients.


We've been in business over 14 years in Troy, Michigan.

Friendly Personalized Service

We're an owner run and operated small business and we know all our clients by name, goals and health issues.

Not an Intimidating Gym

Peak Physique is a fun and non-intimidating environment. Your trainer is focused on you, not posing in the mirror. You'll never wait for equipment, and you won't be surrounded by body builders.